Terms & Conditions

By renting an apartment from us, you implicitly agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Your payment of the initial installment is your agreement.

Rental Rates
Pricing Policy

Rental rates indicated in this website are non-contractual and can be changed at any time without any prior notice.
Agency fees and taxes are normally included the rental rates shown. Other rates do not include the agency fee.

When you inquire about an apartment, we will provide you with the full cost of your rental, including all fees and taxes.

Reservation and Payment

Reservation, Payment and Cancellation Policy

30-50% of the total rent amount is due upon reservation – non refundable.
100% total rent amount is due upon reservation if done by fast checkout.
The balance is due on arrival or within 30 days of arrival – non refundable along with fees and taxes.
The reimbursable security deposit is due prior to arrival (see section below).

Cancellation policy

The reservation will be confirmed only if the tenant has effectively paid the initial installment, and if we have accepted the reservation. This first installment will be go towards the payment of the rent, and will be lost in case of cancellation by the tenant.

The total rent amount is due, even if a client cancels with less than one month notice, or does not show up.

If you must cancel for any reason:

Once you book with us we offer you a 24 hour window where you can cancel your reservation and obtain 100% refund. Of course, not if you are due to arrive in less than 30 days time.

Early cancellation

If you cancel at least 8 weeks before you are due to arrive, we will charge you 50% of the cost of your stay.

Late cancellation

If you cancel within 6 weeks of your arrival date, we will offer the dates to someone else. If we are able to reserve the apartment for the same period than we would offer a partial refund (at the discretion of the owner).

Any bank charges, transaction charges and bank administration charges to process the refund will be the responsibility of the client.

Depending on the reasons for your cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these cancellation charges from your insurance company, if you have taken out travel insurance. We strongly recommend that all clients obtain appropriate travel and personal insurance cover.

Trips Europe reserves the right to cancel or alter the booking if:
▪ The apartment is closed due to circumstances beyond our control.
▪ The guest (s) are not able to provide a security deposit in the agreed form.
▪ The guests have not paid the full amount for the reservation

In case Trips Europe cancelled your reservation, full payment will be returned minus bank charges, transaction charges or bank administration charges to process the refund which are the responsibility of the client.

If Trips Europe receives any serious complaint or should any disputes arise, we reserve the right to terminate your stay without notice.

In case of any last minute major issue with the reserved apartment, such as flood, electrical fault, plumbing and the owner not honoring a reservation or any other major issue which, according to the landlord (agency), makes renting the reserved apartment impossible, the landlord (agency) reserves the right to either offer an alternative accommodation, suitable for the same number of people, in replacement of the apartment agreed upon or to reimburse the rent and security deposit. No extra compensation will be due for such cases of the aforementioned.

Should there be any missing or malfunctioning appliances or equipment, the landlord (agency) will do its best to remedy the situation promptly. Disagreement caused by the above will not be sufficient cause for cancellation or termination of the rental agreement.

Security Deposit

A reimbursable security deposit of is required prior to check-in. The amount of the security deposit will vary depending on the apartment you are reserving. Minimum is 300€. The amount of the security deposit will be communicated to you when you inquire about an apartment.

The security deposit is reimbursed, provided that no damage is done in the apartment and nothing is missing. If the security deposit is insufficient to cover the amount due by the tenant, he/she hereby commits in to pay any eventual excess costs.

The security deposit should be paid by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) on your arrival.

Exceptionally, it may be possible to arrange for the security deposit to be paid by another means than by credit card. The tenant should contact us in advance in order to arrange this, if it’s possible.

Arrival & Departure

Dates reserved can be modified if available.
The rental cannot in any way be prolonged without the prior written consent from TripsEurope.com

Check-in is normally between 1pm and 7pm.
Check-in after 7pm will cost an additional 20 euros.
Check-in after 10pm will cost an additional 50 euros.
Check-in Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve and New Years day will cost an additional 50 euros.

Should you require an early or late check-in, we will do our best to accommodate you. Early check-in might be available if the apartment is not occupied the day before your arrival, but we don’t guarantee this. There is no guarantee that late check in will be available, and IF it is, a surcharge will apply.

The maximum number of people must be respected to avoid refusal of access.

Check-out is at 10:00 am

Terms of Use of the Apartments
Responsibility of the Tenant

The premises are to be used for residential purposes only, and the maximum number of people staying in the apartment must be respected.
Animals are not authorized.
Apartments are non-smoking.

The tenant commits to:

– Use the apartment as would a responsible adult and head of family (« en bon père de famille »), according the article 1728 of the French civil code.

– Use the premises for residential purposes only.

– Not modify the premises in any way (which also includes not moving furniture around).

– Not degrading the premises or the contents of the apartment during his stay and not taking any of the contents from the apartment.

– Authorize the landlord to intervene and enter the premises in case any urgent or necessary repairs need to be done during his stay.

– Free the premises on the last day of rental, at the time specified, and give them back in the original condition.

The tenant is responsible for any actions of every person, adult or child, using the premises during his stay. He/she shall be fully responsible for any damage caused by any person that he/she has allowed to enter into the premises.

The tenant’s responsibility includes the case of fire in the rented premises (article 1733 of civil code and article 1734 of civil code) unless he can prove that origin of the fire was an undetermined cause, a cause beyond control (“force majeure”), a fault in the construction, or that the fire originated in a neighboring apartment or building.

The tenant must verify that his responsibility is covered by an adequate responsibility insurance which covers rental risks.

Long term rentals:
Reservation for long term rentals (more than 40 nights) 30% of the first month’s rental fee plus the agency fee has to be sent in advance after signing the Rental Agreement. The balance of the first month rent will be paid upon your arrival along with the security deposit to the owner or his/her agent. The subsequent month(s) rent will be paid directly to the owner of your apartment.

Electricity and gas are not included. A reading of either meter is taken from the time of arrival and at the time of departure and paid by you upon departure. The owner or his/her agent will do this when you arrive at the apartment. You will pay only for the kilowatt hours consumed during your stay + 19.6% VAT (French sales tax).

Agency fee:
1 month : 35% of one month rent
Over 1 month, up to 3 months : 50% of one month rent
Over 3 months, up to 6 months : One month rent
12 months : 10% of annual rent + TVA (19,6%)